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The Better Side of Real Estate Investing

So this is a bit of a departure from my usual blog articles on volunteer opportunities.

This blog is actually about real estate and real estate investing.

The reason I am writing about it is because it sort of relates to being able to volunteer as a retiree.
In order to volunteer, retirees needs to have health, time, and money. Health and money tend to be two of the main obstacles for retirees being able to do what they want to do and volunteer where they want to go.

The retirees that I’ve seen who have the most financial flexibility are those who have done some sort of property investing.
They typically have been involved in investing over the long-term, like decades. They are involved in different sorts of investing activities, from buying and holding to buying and flipping to wholesaling.

Some of the retirees I know own entire apartment complexes or business centers or retail facilities. Others are much smaller scale and have one or two rental houses, but these supply them with a steady income, and have done so for years.

By and large it seems that the retirees who have done real estate investing over the course of their lives have been the ones that come out at the end in a good financial position.

So this article is aimed at younger people who are thinking about their retirement years and things they want to do in those years. I’m encouraging younger people to think about some long-term investment strategies like real estate investing.

There are a ton of real estate investor gurus and coaches – people who have been successful at real estate investing themselves and now offer home study courses and seminars and training programs to pass on the information that they have learned over the years.

There’s a website called Real Estate Spy that has many reviews of real estate investor experts. The site features many real estate investors and gives fairly comprehensive reviews on each of the people and their products and resources.

The Real Estate Spy site also promotes another opportunity—that of digital property management. I don’t know all the ins and outs of that opportunity, but it’s worth looking into as well.
I personally own four rental houses, and the income from these helps to fund my volunteer trips. They do take some time to manage and attention to the upkeep, but I’m able to take care of all those tasks between volunteering trips.

I acquired those houses years ago and paid them off recently, so now all I owe on them is property taxes. They are a great source of income and so far I’m still in good enough health to take care of them myself. Of course, the big stuff I get help with.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to talk about this time—real estate investing and the different strategies and the benefits of starting early. And I wanted to mention that website in case you want to compare some of these REI experts and their products.

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